New video released by The Faceplants

BC based band, The Faceplants have released their video for “Devil in a White Dress”. The video marks the directorial debut of lead singer and songwriter, Dan Botch. With the help of producer, Andy Hodgson of Red Castle Films, the two brought Dan’s vision to reality.

When asked about the video, Dan Botch responds:

“I have always been a fan of film and was really excited by the idea of stepping into that world and making it my own.  I consider myself a visionary and a perfectionist, and with a strong grasp of every other aspect of this release, it seemed like a natural transition for me to take the leap and conquer the visuals.  Yes, it was challenging, but now sitting with the final product, having my vision come to life, I can only explain the feeling with one word… and that’s ‘accomplished’.  There is nothing more rewarding in this world than having a plan, setting a goal, and seeing that to complete fruition.  I am proud of my work, I am proud of the band, and I am proud of the team surrounding us, always offering me constant and abundant support.  ‘Devil in a White Dress’ is special, and could not do a better job at representing who The Faceplants are at this exact very moment”

Be sure to keep an eye for upcoming news from The Faceplants, because they are definitely a band you want to follow, as they are definitely the real deal when it comes to rock n roll!

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