Review – The Wolfe

Album: The Wolfe
Release Date: June 25, 2016
Genre: Alt Rock / Indie

Saskatchewan’s The Wolfe released their debut self-titled EP back in June. Its 5 tracks are filled with ukulele-driven, alt-rock inspired electronic beat. By listening to The Wolfe, you would never guess they are only at the age of 16.

Siobhan Bayda’s vocals are strong and soft. The music complements her voice in a way that strengthens the sound and turns each song to a powerful ballad.

Some of my favourite songs are “Dumb Dog” and “Need You”.

The vocals and ukulele give off that indie vibe while backed by drums and guitar/bass that sets its roots in alt-rock.

These girls are off to an amazing start. I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future. Check out the album if you’re a fan of indie or alt- rock as it is a perfect combination of both.

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