Countdown to New Branch Music & Arts Festival – Interview with Newspaper Fashion Show

New Branch Music & Arts Festival is just a few days away and we’re here to give you a preview of some of the great Newfoundland acts that will be playing. Yesterday we introduced you to Mike Sixonate and now we have Newspaper Fashion Show who were the winners of The Levee/GN Audio’s Battle of the Bands earlier this year.

First off, can you introduce yourself to our readers? What day are you playing New Branch?

Newspaper Fashion Show is an all-new rock band based out of St. John’s. Three of ’em: Jacob Quinton, Jeremy Gillam, and Andrew Way are from Corner Brook, and two of ’em: Aaron Beswick and John Purchase, are from Paradise. We’ll be hittin’ the stage at 1:30 PM Saturday.

This is the first year for the New Branch Music & Arts Festival, what are you most excited about?

We’re all super excited to see the turn out. Gene has been working so hard for months to promote this thing. From all the way over here (in Corner Brook) all indications have pointed towards an awesome weekend. Other than that the soccer game Saturday morning should be spectacular. Jacob has a few years under his belt playing shutdown fullback. He hasn’t been asked to dress yet but i hope he turns out to be a game time decision.

The New Branch roster is stacked with tons of great NL acts, which acts are you looking forward to the most?

The performer I’m looking forward to seeing the most is Amelia Curran. I’ve never had the opportunity to catch one of her shows but I’m a huge fan. I’m also looking forward to Green & Gold and The Novaks.

Why do you think Newfoundland needs a festival that focuses on homegrown talent? What do you hope comes from this first year of New Branch?

The idea itself is brilliant. Making as much noise as possible about our own province’s talent is extremely important. And I think the public is starting to come to that realization on their own. It’s pretty clear that we have world class talent here (see listed artists), so why promote imported acts? Perhaps the most important thing is that in order to make the jump from NL to the mainland groups need local support. Be it from sales of their music, attendance at shows, or even just people talking about their music. it adds up.

What can festival goers expect to see from your set?

Festival goers can expect a fun show from us. We like to kick it off with our more dance-able material, keeping it as fun as we can while we gradually make our way down to our mid set dip, where we slow it down and get a little emotional on you. But then we bring it back up again with the loud lighthearted youthful mess that people who have seen us (seem to) enjoy.

What’s next for you after the festival?

We are planning on putting our first full length LP together. We’re in the process of recording a couple singles with our man Georgie Newman at GNAudio. And we’re brainstorming video ideas. We’ll be around.

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