Review – The Vaudevillian

Album: Bringing Satan Down
Release date: August19/2016
Genre: 1920’s Rock and roll ragtime

This albumBringing Satan Down released by The Vaudevillian in August 2016 is a wonderful trip to another time. A trip to the 1920’s when music was for dancing. It is a creation where you have no trouble hearing the experience behind The Vaudevillian.

I can imagine the historical music lovers of the 1920’s sitting in their homes listening to Bringing Satan Down and how it sounded back then with Jitterbug James on vocals & guitar, Piedmont Johnson on vocals & bull fiddle, and Norah Spades on vocals, kazoo & washboard. I do have a feeling this group will be able to bring on a whole new professional outlook to the Historical music industry’s ears. My favourite song on this album is “Montreal to Memphis”. 2nd runner up is “Bringing Satan Down” and 3rd is “Goin to German” it has great whistling in that song. All in all this album is very unique. If you’re a serious music lover, you will surely appreciate this one.

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