Review – Hiroshima Hearts

EP: Bone Music
Release Date: July 22, 2016
Genre: Rock

London Ontario’s Hiroshima Hearts has recently dropped their brand new EP entitled Bone Music. The EP is a five track piece of rock and roll gold. Bone Music makes you want to grow out your hair, grab your leather pants, favourite rock band T-shirt and rock the day away.

The EP explodes into your ear drums with leading track, and single “Four Steps Down”. The track immediately shows you why Hiroshima Hearts has been making waves all over the rock and roll circuit. My first thought listening to this EP was how incredible the vocals are, lead singer Jenn Marino is a modern day Janis Joplin! Some of the other tracks include “Spend Your Money”, “Pistol” and my favourite “Take Over Me”. Not only are the vocals mind blowing, but the guitar riffs are rock god status! Hiroshima Hearts are a refreshing look at what rock and roll is supposed to sound like and what makes it so great.

I didn’t know much about the band Hiroshima Hearts when I took my first listen to Bone Music, but I want to know more. Any music fanatic needs to add this EP to their library. And I can see nothing but great things happening for this London, Ontario band. So make sure you head over to iTunes and pick up Bone Music.

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