Review – Bill Johnson

Album: Cold Outside
Release date: May 2016
Genre: Blues/Folk and roots

Cold Outside was released by Bill Johnson in May 2016. The album is a creation of perfectly blended vocals that merge into the instrumentals like they were born together. You can hear the experience in Bill Johnson’s music. With new blues fans noticing Bills music and how it is meant to be….I have a feeling his 40 years of paid dues will be able to bring on a whole new professional outlook on the Canadian blues artists.

My favourite song on this album is “Free from my Troubles”, which explains the hard rollercoaster ride of getting rid of one problem and then another 10 popping up around the corner. And how you always wonder if the Devils trying to get you. When all you just want to be is free of all your troubles no matter where you go.

Also featured on this album, you will find performances from Rick Erickson, Darcy Phillips, Ross Hall, along with very special guests, Joby Baker, and David Vest.

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