Show Review – Brett Kissel at Calgary Stampede

Brett Kissel is blowing up in the country music industry this year. And I mean how could you not love this man? His music is catchy, heartfelt and relatable. He is mega talented and puts on an incredible interactive show. On top of all of that, he is also one of the most humble, down to earth and hilariously funny people you will probably ever meet.

On July 12th Brett was set to hit the Cowboys tent stage right smack in the middle of the Calgary Stampede. And he was to be sharing the stage with none other than Thomas Rhett. Again if you have listened to any country radio station in the last 5 mins you know who this man is. If you somehow live under a rock, he is the hit making machine behind the songs “Die a Happy Man” and “T-Shirt”.

The tent was packed, I mean you couldn’t move an inch left or right even if you had to. So here’s hoping you don’t have to pee for the next couple hours. Brett hit the stage and sang his hugely popular songs like “321” “Airwaves” and his newest single “Cool With That”. Everyone was loving it, and even sang the lyrics back with such force that Brett stopped to capture the magic with a camera. This was the Alberta cowboy’s first sold out show in Calgary and the smile never left his face. He got the party started in the best way. Even waving a Canadian flag on the neck of a guitar at one point, and then pulling out a sharpie, signing it and handing it to a very excited fan in the crowd.

Brett Kissel has been one of my favourites for awhile now, and I couldn’t help but feel insanely proud seeing his success and watching him totally kill it on the Cowboys stage. I for one can’t wait to catch another one of his shows.





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