Review – Safe to Say

LP – Down in the Dark
Release Date – July 22, 2016
Genre – Alternative

Down in the Dark (on New Damage Records), the latest offering by Markham, Ontario’s Safe to Say is a pure physiological joyride complete with goosebumps, dilated pupils, increased pulse and all over body shivers.  Will this album be added to the top of my playlist?  You damn well better believe it will!

Let’s back this train up just a bit to give you an idea how this album took my body hostage on this blissful trip.  These all important stimuli were provided right from the opening bars of “Only Rain”, as I was greeted with aggressive riffs and pounding drums.  The album’s thirteen tracks pulsated through my body with contrasting moments of angry and upbeat tempos (like in the track “Louver”) to haunting and mellow interludes.  “Tangerine” illustrates this softer side of the band as vocals take the foreground over a grand sonic landscape that encourages closed eyes and swaying like no other song I’ve witnessed in a long time.

Perhaps the reason my emotions run on overdrive as I listen to this album is because they echo those of the band.  Lead vocalist Brad Garcia effortlessly conveys his feelings through both softer phrasing and angry screaming, and sometimes all in one song, like in the track “Slip”.

‘The feels’ proliferate heavily in Down in the Dark.  It is not an easy feat to give me goosebumps.  However this unexpectedly captivating album has the exact scientific formula!  Why not give it a spin and see for yourself?

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