Winning couple announced in Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s ‘Put A Ring On It’ contest

In a surprising turn of events in the heartwarming contest put out by Calgary’s Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (MBF), he has selected four winners instead of the original sole winner.  The grand prize winner will receive MBF’s personal engagement ring and wedding bands, and a live performance at their wedding.  The three runners-up will receive special live performances on their wedding day.

Grand Prize Winner: Terri-Lynn (Halifax)

Runners-Up: Lisa (Toronto), Samantha (Toronto), Caitlin/Luke (Calgary)

We hope you have enjoyed following this contest as much as we have, at Canadian Beats.  Read the moving stories below, as told by MBF himself:

Toronto’s Lisa Nikolic submitted a tale of moving love on behalf of her best friend Samantha. Friends since they were 4 years old, Lisa was devastated when Samantha’s heart was broken just as Lisa herself got engaged. However, it wasn’t long before Samantha met the man of her dreams – Ben – who she will soon be settling with in Hawaii. “I realize that these rings represent more than just a joyous future for one special couple – they will be adjoining many love stories together. Sam’s story, my story, Michael’s story – connected together and worn as a promise to uphold love in all of its forms. I can’t think of anything more romantic for my beautiful, wears-her-heart-on-her-sleeve best friend.”

Both Calgarians at heart Caitlin Kearns and Luke Ross have been in love since the moment they met – they simply didn’t know it at the time. Sharing a passionate love of all things chocolate (milk especially!) and sharks, it was definitely Luke who knew the two were fated to be together. He was rewarded greatly for years of patient pursuance earlier this year when Caitlin agreed to become his fiance. “I know that I said our love story was ordinary, but I wasn’t being truthful. Our love story is extraordinary because we make it so. We choose to have an extraordinary love. We work at an extraordinary love. It’s all worth it because we get to spend each day know that we have, and always will, the one person in our life who will always be there for us. I wanna make it with him.”

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia Terri-Lynn Lawrence knew Matthew’s adventuring soul was for her the minute they met. Unfortunately it was this adventurous spirit that kept the two apart for 12 long years. But as the saying goes, the wait is always worth it. “Somewhere on the 5 hour drive, in the mountains of Cape Breton Nova Scotia, Matthew Donald Lent told me he loved me. That he had loved me for 12 years and wanted to be with me. After 12 years, we had finally found each other. That was almost 3 years ago. Like every couple, we have our ups and downs. But our highs outweigh our lows, more good days than bad. We work hard every day for a love that was 12 years in the making and 100% worth the wait. I love him more and more and more every day, first as a friend, then as my lover and now as the father of my child.” 

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