Review – Uforia

EP – Fight or Flight
Release Date – July 16, 2016
Genre – Alternative Hard Rock

Toronto-based alt heavy rockers, Uforia, dropped their third EP, Fight or Flight, on July 16, 2016. This four-member band had some heavy-hitting help with its creation. It was co-written and produced by Finger Eleven’s own Steve Molella. James Black, also of Finger Eleven, directed the title track.

This title track, in all of its gritty and tenacious swagger, smacks you in the face and demands to be listened to. It features heavy riffs and punchy vocals, which echo the likes of one of their influences, Billy Talent. Fight or Flight, a song about making difficult decisions, has already hit the radio waves and is bound to gather fans across the country.

“Overthrow” separates itself from the heavy rock anthems on the EP. It is a song with a message delivered in the most unexpected manner. Haunting strings with synth-y overtones usher the listener into a song where bongos and warm melodies on an acoustic guitar then take the lead with stunning chord progressions. This softer delivery ensures the message of the song is heard. Uforia says ‘“Overthrow” encourages listeners to be patient and to take control of their own destiny when the moment is right’.

The five tracks on the EP suitably display talent that Uforia has when it comes to created heart-felt and message-driven, yet aggressive and bellicose rock songs. Listening to this album lends itself to one problem however. I have this overwhelming desire to see them perform these songs live as soon as possible! Uforia do have a few select tour dates coming up in Ontario this summer. Check them out to see if they are playing at a venue near you!

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