Review – Brutus Begins

Album: Uncanny Valley
Release Date: April 11, 2016
Genre: Alternative, pop

Uncanny Valley by BRUTUS BEGINS was released April 11. 2016. This album, which is a  solo project of Ricardo Temporao is a phenomenal project that mixes different generations into one. The indie folk and electronic sounds are a perfect creation and the production level has a high quality sound. Not to mention the bass. The bass in the songs sounds perfect on my Bose Stereo System.

I really liked the song “An Ego Unmade”, I jumped in my car and threw it on my system right away. Let’s just say that I might have ticked off a few of my neighbours with the bass. “Never Fade” should be constantly represented by the fans. I love the lyrics on this track and hope to see a video for this song! I love the positivity in the sound on “Hunger Stays”, it reminds me of long summers at the cottage, sitting on the dock. It’s that kind of a track that brings me back in the day and I have to say, I enjoy it!

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