Review – Tebey

EP – Old School
Release Date – July 8, 2016
Genre – Country

Tebey is tearing up the charts and turning heads again with his latest EP, Old School, which is out today from Road Angel Entertainment.  His laid back country songs with a modern urban vibe hit all the right notes with country music fans across Canada.  

“Lightweight” a collaboration with Cole Taylor and Sam Ellis, is the EP’s first single.  It took a mere two hours to write and the results are pure perfection.  Tebey’s smooth vox intertwine themselves with the smooth guitar melodies to create a sound that is just damn good!

“Old School” is a throwback to the 90’s.  This song is pure, sugar-coated retro goodness.  One spin of this track and the listener is instantly whisked away to those pager toting, overall wearing days.  The infectious rhythm, complete with turntable scratches, makes this song deserving of being the title track and is destined to be this year’s summer anthem.

Old School also features the popular Avicii cover “Wake Me Up” which soared to the #5 spot on the Canadian country music chart.  With more than 40,000 copies sold, it starts the EP off right as the opening track. 

Tebey created these songs as a true reflection of himself.  Old School gives us a personal glimpse into his life, “I recorded these songs — because they’re me. This is what I want people to see.”  Get yourself a copy today and put it into rotation of your summer music listening playlist!

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