Neon Dream’s Summer Playlist

At Canadian Beats, we thought it would be fun to ask some of Canada’s bands/ artists to present us a 5 song summer playlist, so we have asked Nova Scotia based band, Neon Dreams. Check out their five song choices for their Summer playlist, featuring all Canadian music!

Frank Kadillac (Lead vocals): Fat Lip ­ Sum 41

Some of my best summers I had Sum 41 queued up on my CD player or iPod. My friends and I would sing their songs together, learn them on our guitars and dream about being in a successful rock band. “Fat Lip” was our theme song while we were trying to find something to keep us busy for the summer which involved skateboarding, crashing parties and sneaking into the movie theatres. This song brings back memories of a time when I had nothing to worry about but having fun with my friends.

Frank Cadillac (Lead vocals): Davy Jones ­ Gordie Sampson

I heard Gordie play this live last summer and every word spoke to me and my fairytale-like imagination. Perfect song to play for a late summer night around a fire with some very close friends!

Adrian Morris (Drums/ Live Sampling): A Bottle of Charades ­ Living With Lions

I’m such a huge pop punk fan and Living With Lions is probably one of my favorite bands of all time. This song just reminds me of the summer and travelling around to see shows and the sing-alongs in our car on the way to see the bands. I remember seeing Living With Lions play in Halifax and witnessing one of the biggest sing-alongs I’ve ever seen and it was to this song. The room wasn’t sold out or anything but there probably was 150ish people there and I remember almost every single person in the room screaming the lyrics to this song and rushing to the stage to sing-along with the vocalist.

Matt Gats (Lead Guitarist): Hey, It’s Your Funeral Mama – Alexisonfire

When I was growing up in Jr. high I was just learning how to play guitar. I had a rented Fender Squire Strat that I would try and learn every song that Alexisonfire had put out at the time. This song has a great summer feel and has one of the best riffs on their second album Watch Out!.

Corey LeRue (DJ/ Backing Vocals): Soundwave ­- Trevor Guthrie

This song is the reason why we make music. From the lyrics to the sonics of the production and the overall positive energy! “Riding a soundwave no slowing down!” the catchiness is unbelievably amazing!

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