Review – Blue Moon Marquee

Album: Gypsy Blues
Release Date: June 17, 2016
Genre: Blues/ Jazz

Blue Moon Marquee brings us a sound like the old 1900 St Louis era with a deep rooted Rag-Time style album with hints of Jazz and Blues. The album called Gypsy Blues released on June 17, 2016. This album features the dynamic duo A.W Cardinal with his Raspy Rag-time style voice and jazz and blues styled guitar play and Jasmine Colette on her upright Bass that commands the attention right away from my listening ear and controls the feelings in me when I hear their songs. Both coming from The Rocky Mountain Prairies area in the West Coast of Canada, have such an amazing sound.

My favourite songs from this album clearly are “Trickster Coyote” right from the start. Singing the blues about relationships and drinking to get through the times. Another track is “Ain’t No Stranger” with the sultry voice of Jasmine Colette, it tells a story of acceptance and the journey that’s about to happen. Last but not least “Gypsy Blues” with lyrics that speak of one last chance and tales of mercy that A.W Cardinal pleads for himself on the song. This album also reminds me of the sounds in the back room pubs that filled the back alleys in the town where I’m from. I felt the command of these 3 tracks of the album.

This duo is extremely talented and easily comparable to the likes of Bo Diddley and Fats Waller and my favourite Blues artist B.B King. With the female voice comparable to Winifred Atwell.

With a busy summer ahead of them here are their destinations for their tour:
July 6 – Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal QC
July 7 – Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal QC
July 9 – Grumpy’s, Montreal QC
July 21 – Capitol Jazz Club, Regina SK
July 22 – The Root, Lloydminister SK/AB
August 4 – Fratter’s Speakeasy, Red Deer AB
August 5 – Almanac, Edmonton AB
August 6 – Mikey’s Juke Joint. Calgary AB
August 9 – House concert, Golden BC
August 10 – Fernando’s, Kelowna BC
August 11 – Record City, Vernon BC
August 12 – Lorenzo’s,  Enderby BC
August 13 – Tractorgrease, Café, Chilliwack BC
August 21 – Atmosphere Festival, Cumberland BC
August 28 – Summertime Blues, Nanaimo BC

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