Pre-Release Review – Emma Cook

Album: Counting Sheep
Release Date: July 8 2016
Genre: indie folk

Emma Cook was heading to a degree in classical music when she decided writing and recording her own music was the way to go. Forming her own label, Emma Cook had been releasing music since 2003. All that stopped when a tree branch fell on her head and caused a head injury. After three years away to heal, she is now back with Counting Sheep. These three songs from her newest release are a nice taste of her soul infused indie-folk.

“Sixteen”, is a tender sweet tune. “If He Can’t Have It All” is a soulful 4:17 minute song that showcases her tender-sweet voice. “Counting Sheep” is a simple country acoustic guitar tune.

In the fall Emma Cook will release more songs on Counting Sheep. If she continues with this great mix of indie-folk, soul and country she will have a very good album to add to your collection.

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