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I recently had the chance to ask Ontario’s Vow of Thorns questions about their music and upcoming release of Farewell to the Sun.  The album is set for a July 15, 2016 release and contains the single “Meeting on the Astral Plane.” Continue reading below to see what guitarist, Dustin Richards had to say and connect with the group on their social media pages.

First off, can you introduce yourselves to Canadian Beats readers?

We’re a four piece from London/Sarnia, Ontario playing a blend of dark music, mainly drawing from elements of black metal and doom.

How did you meet?  What led you to begin playing with each other?

Hawthorne and I met in college, not long after we had both moved to London. We have a lot of similar musical interests and had no one else to work with, so it just made sense that we would eventually start something. In the early days, it was a lot of play guitar, have some drinks, play a little more, have some drinks… not real productive. We eventually recruited a bassist and drummer and started rehearsing as a full band. Templeton has been behind the drums keeping us in line since before we recorded Forest Dweller. Now with the addition of a new bassist/song writer we’re working a lot more efficiently and really enjoying making music.

Who are your influences?

We all have a lot of different influences, but collectively it would be bands like; Agalloch, Drudkh, Krallice, and Woods of Ypres.

How would you compare your first release, Forest Dweller, to your latest, Farewell to the Sun?

Musically I feel we got a lot darker and heavier on Farewell to the Sun. We also wrote the songs together with a clearer vision of what we wanted to do with the album as a whole. Production wise we had to step it up. Forest Dweller was pretty low-budget. At the time we felt like we just had to get music out and we didn’t really have a way to do it other than record it ourselves with minimal equipment.

How was the recording experience for Farewell to the Sun?

It was a good learning experience. It helped us address some areas where we were weak and forced us to tighten up. It was fun but it was stretched out over a long period of time, due to our schedules and living in three different cities at the time, so by the end I think we were just glad to be done. Working with Marucci was great. He is certainly not afraid to speak his mind which is something bands need from an engineer/producer. You need someone to push you to do your best.

Whom, or what, were some of the inspirations for lyrics contained on the album?

Depression and the inner conflict it causes made the biggest contribution to the lyrics.

Are there any tracks that stood out for you the most on the album? Why?

Doomed Woods stands out the most for me. Not because I think it’s any better than the rest, but because of the lyrics and the circumstances under-which I wrote them.

What can fans expect to see next from Vows of Thorns following the release?

We’ll be trying to get out more and get to some new cities. We have also been writing a lot of new material and hope to get back into recording again within the year.

At Canadian Beats, we like to allocate a section of the interview of questions that will help fans to get to know you a bit more. 

Who are your favourite Canadian artists?

Woods of Ypres, Neuraxis, and Augury would be a couple of the bigger ones that I really enjoy. Theres some great bands coming out of our scene here too like Ataxia, Trilateral, Wounds and Yeti on Horseback.

What was the first album you purchased? What about the last?

I can’t remember the first album I bought myself. Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever was the first album I can remember getting as a kid. The most recent would be Cobalt’s Slow Forever.

What would be your dream-line up to see as a fan?

If I’m allowed to pick anyone past or present I’d have to put Bathory, Death, Emperor and Sepultura (with a classic line-up). Maybe an odd combination but those have been some of my favourite bands most of my life.

What is one thing that fans would be surprised to learn about you?

Given the nature of the music it may be surprising that we’re a pretty easy going cheery bunch.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

We are excited to finally release Farewell to the Sun and to get playing again. If you like what you hear, come on out and see us. The support is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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