Review – Karl Wolf

Album: The Export Vol 1.
Release date: June 17, 2016
Genre: Dance-club ,Hip Hop

This Lebanese born artist was raised with musical parents who nurtured his musical talents. Karl Wolf was a member of the band Sky, since leaving he has put out seven solo albums in ten years. The Export Vol 1 is his seventh solo release.

The Export Vol 1 (with 2 more planned) is a blend of his Arabic roots infused with R&B, Hip Hop and Dance-club. “The Export”and “Snake Charmer” are tunes that blend Arabic and dance-club to make two very up beat tunes. “Amateur at Love” is a lovelorn song set to dance beats, and is very well done . “Stranger in my Bed” is the slowest of the seven songs that showcases his smooth voice. A top notch dance tune is “Her body sayin’ yalla.”. “Badman” with Foxx William’s reggae and Karl’s R&B make a mix that works . “Amateur at Love” remix featuring Kardinal Offshall is a good dance mix with a more sexy flow of the first track.

Karl Wolf packs a lot into the seven tracks, matching different styles into a very good dance album.

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