New video released by The Noolands

Indie rockers, The Noolands, from Barrie, ON, have released a new video for their song “In & Out” from their debut EP, Generation Why.  In the spirit of being a ‘Gen Y indie band’, the video cleverly depicts The Noolands’ story of who they are, and features highlights, stories, videos, pictures and status updates from their social media accounts.

“When people ask us about this song we don’t really know what to tell them. It’s a lot of fun to play and like a lot of our music it comes from somewhere that’s difficult to pin down. Always moving, always missing the past and waiting for the future.” – Brandon Davenport (drums, keyboards, vocals)

The Noolands’ website says that they are ‘a rock & roll band that writes and records music for their best friends’.  A very humble statement to make.  However, since the inception of the band, they have successfully rooted themselves in the local music scene in Barrie and have amassed a large following of fans.  This is thanks, in part, to their often colourful and wacky social media presence.  If you have not checked out their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts yet, follow the links below to catch yourself up on what you have been missing!

“I just make music. My friends do whatever they want with it ” – spacecase

Come stop by and see The Noolands at one (or more!) of their three shows in the Barrie area coming up this Canada Day weekend!  Knowing how this band operates, there is guaranteed to be a surprise or two!

You can also check out past show reviews (1 and 2) featuring this Barrie band and read our review of their EP, Generation Why by visiting our blog.


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