My Son The Hurricane’s Summer Playlist

At Canadian Beats, we thought it would be fun to ask some of Canada’s bands/ artists to present us a 5 song summer playlist, first up, we asked Ontario based band, My Son The Hurricane. Check out their five song choices for their Summer playlist, featuring all Canadian music!

Buck 65 – 463

Nothing like a tale about summer and baseball. He perfectly tells the tail of a kids mind in summer time. “The problem with today is they got an answer for everything”.

BTK – Peppyrock

I haven’t heard anyone mention this band in 20 years but this tune was on all my burned CDs when I learned how to drive in July of ’97.

Two Crown King – We Get Down

Old touring buddies with a jam that could rock any stadium.  We played in Grand Bend one night in the dead of summer. In all that heat they had the place bumpin’.

Glueleg – Pistons

This band rules and not enough people know about them and they’re total weirdness. Chapman stick, sax, keys. And the dudes voice is just raw. Still a staple in my ride.

Blue Rodeo (Anything by them)

This is gonna seem odd. But Jacob (our emcee) dropped this piece of knowledge on me last summer.  “Dude…I never got into Blue Rodeo…but then you turn 30 and it’s like Cuddy is singing your song!”

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