Review – Dark For Dark

Album: All Dressed
Release Date: June 24, 2016
Genre: folk/pop

The folk/pop trio from Halifax including Jess Lewis, Melanie Stone and Rebecca Zolkower, better known as Dark For Dark, is releasing their latest album, All Dressed, today via Headless Owl Records.  This 50’s nostalgia-sounding album will have you feeling like you are listening to a jukebox in your local malt shop as the warm melodies envelope you with chiming guitars, soft percussion and haunting vocals, reminiscent to that of The Cranberries.

“Orchard”, the first track on the album, displays these beautiful vocals at the forefront amidst the delicious and full harmonies.  You can check out the summery video for this song, here.

If ever a song could match the atmosphere it creates via the melody and lyrics, it would be that of “Unseasonal”.  The song feels “like a warm breeze“, as the lyrics suggest, which play off of the soft, blusey guitar and layered harmonies.

Despite the name, Dark For Dark are anything but.  Their impressive new release provides you with the perfect listening experience for warm nights on the patio.  Go out and grab a copy today!

Fans in Eastern Canada have the opportunity to catch them live as they embark upon a tour that spans from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

July 09Saint Antonin, QC @ B&B Les Cabraques
July 10Montreal, QC @ Le Cagibi
July 11Ottawa, ON @ The Record Centre (matinee)
July 11Ottawa, ON @ Bar Robo
July 13Peterborough, ON @ The Spill
July 15Toronto, ON @ The Burdock
July 22Halifax, NS @ The Bus Stop Theatre
July 30Berwick, NS @ Union Street Cafe

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