Photo Review – NXNE Day Four (Part 1)

Artist: SATE
Genre: Rock
Venue: Bovine Sex Club, Toronto
When: June 16th (NXNE)

SATE tore up the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto as part of a showcase during NXNE on Thursday to deliver a powerful performance that left the packed crowd covered in sweat, head banging away, and screaming for more. The Toronto vocalist/ songwriter packs a punch in her music as she fronts an equally commanding band, and brought it all to the Bovine to play for a devoted group of fans.

SATE kicked things off right away with in your face, raunchy rock n’ roll tunes and didn’t let the energy die for one second throughout the whole night. SATE’s dynamic vocals carried every tune as she packed each note with the bluesy roar and flare that is so unique to her style. Her outrageous on stage attitude as she climbed up on barriers and interacted with her bandmates tied it all together into one of the most outstanding performances I’ve ever seen. The soulful “What Did I Do” featured a playful call and response between bandmates as they tried to out do each other when chanting the infectious chorus of the tune.

Overall, SATE isn’t just a band or another show to go to but a complete force to experience. Not seeing SATE live would be missing out on a truly special opportunity.






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