Review – Al Lerman

Album : Slow Burn
Release Date: June 24, 2016
Genre: Blues

Ontario based blues artist, Al Lerman leads a 2x Juno Award winning band, Fathead, and also performs as a solo act. June 24, 2016 marks the release day for his third solo release, Slow Burn. The album was recorded and mastered at Grammy Award-winning engineer, Peter J. Moore’s E-Room studio in Toronto.

Slow Burn features twelve tracks, all originals except track 11, which is a cover originally done by Kokomo Arnold. The opening track, “Don’t Push Your Mess on Me” is the kind of song that has no problem pulling me in. It has a very rootsy, blues rock vibe, but also mixed with a gospel sound.

The album played on, and many songs caught my attention, but I would say the fifth track, “Now That Your Man’s Gone” had me singing along after one play through, and it stuck in my head for hours afterwards. It’s a great track, that I could see appealing to fans of many genres.

The title track, “Slow Burn” is a full on blues track, that shows the sheer talent that Lerman possesses. I enjoyed the instrumental , as much as I enjoyed the vocal tracks.

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