Review – Beauts

Album: Waves/Wash
Release Date: June 10, 2016
Genre: pop-rock

Hailing from Halifax, Beauts is a pop-rock group consisting of Palmer Jamieson, Jeff Lawton, Darryl Smith, Erik Van Lunen, and Joel Waddell.  In 2015, the group released their self-titled debut EP.  Its follow-up, a second EP, entitled Waves/Wash which was released today (June 10, 2016).  The release contains four tracks including the single “Covers.”

When listening to the EP, I highly enjoyed the lyrical content and instrumentals.  They were well-suited combinations for each track on Waves/Wash. Although enjoying what I heard of the vocals, I found that they were often over-powered by the instrumentals on the recording.  As a personal preference, I feel like I would have enjoyed Waves/Wash more if they were more prominently featured. However, it is similar in sound to artists like Japandroids.  The stand-out tracks for me were “Clocked” and “Waves/Wash.”

Waves/Wash offers a solid introduction to Beauts for those who have not listened to them previously.  Furthermore, it would easily satisfy fans of the previous record.  I would recommend giving at least the single “Covers” a listen to see if you enjoy itIf you do, pick up a copy of the album via iTunes and be sure to connect with the band on social media to keep updated on if they play a show near you!

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