New single released by The Medicine Hat

Hamilton’s The Medicine Hat released their latest single “New Survival” through the platform Soundcloud.  The song is from their upcoming album set for a Fall 2016 release.  Front woman Nabi Sue Bersche stated the following in relation to the single:

‘”New Survival” is a mantra. A hymn I’m singing to keep my fears at bay. It’s about struggle: trying to inhabit my city, my home, my body, my depression, my angst, my art. I wrote it in the midst of some changes in my physical and mental environment; changes I found difficult to navigate. It doesn’t resolve with any answers, but it does resolve with hope. A shaky, raw, unsure sort of hope. A new survival, if you will.”

Listen to the single and connect with the band through their social media accounts below.

Connect with The Medicine Hat at:
Official Website

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