Review – Deni Gauthier

LP – Passenger
Release Date – May 24, 2016
Genre – Folk

Singer-songwriter, Deni Gauthier, refrained from nothing on his latest album Passenger, which he self-produced in his St. Thomas, ON studio.   He gathered inspiration for the album’s theme from his introspection on life, love and relationships, focusing on both the positive and negative aspects of these elements.

You live and die a passenger, but you can live such a cool and meaningful life.  That’s what this record is about.

This prolific storyteller demonstrated his mastering of song creation by entwining heartfelt, emotional lyrics blanketed with appealing soundscapes.  His textured approach to music precipitates unabridged songs that leave the listener feeling satisfied.  It doesn’t hurt that his voice is a beautiful fusion of a softer version of John Legend and the soulfulness of Dallas Green.  His sweeping vocal range was best displayed in the folky tune, “Do You Trust Me”, featuring alluring melodies over chiming guitar riffs.

Although Gauthier tells his own personal stories through his lyrics, they have the ability to elicit emotions and activate memories in anyone who takes the time to listen and reflect on them.  “Dad’s Song” is the pinnacle of his storytelling prowess, where he sings about a car accident he had with his dad when learning to drive, and he drove his car into a fence.  Despite the challenges he faced with his father, he spun the song into a positive light.

From start to finish, Passenger is an enjoyable listening experience.  If Deni Gauthier is not yet on your playlist, go grab yourself a copy today!  Stay tuned for an interview with Deni tomorrow.

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