Review – Parks at Night

EP: Bright Red
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Genre: Alternative Garage Pop/ Punk Pop

Toronto band, Parks at Night describe their new EP, Bright Red, as “not pop but pop, not punk but punk” and I think that is the most accurate description for it. As someone who is a fan of the punk genre, I can definitely hear it’s roots in the guitar riffs. The pop shines through in the vocal style, the upbeat drum beat and repetitive yet catchy lyrics.

The EP features five catchy songs that keep the beat up the entire way through. They have it available for streaming and download on their Bandcamp page.

My initial reaction was surprise. Given the description I mentioned above, I was unsure what I was going to hear, but it did not disappoint. It is a new fresh sound for the punk genre as many of the genre’s bands are fronted by men. Parks at Night gives a twist by having a female duo leading it, which I really enjoy.

If you enjoy a raw sounding, old school feeling, pop and punk song, or five, this album is definitely one for your playlist. I enjoyed it and will probably listen to it again.

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