Photo Review – The Modern Hearts

Artists: The Modern Hearts, Amberwood,The Regrettables, Eyes of Giants
Venue: Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto
Genre: Rock
When: May 26, 2016

Last week The Modern Hearts took over Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto along with Amberwood, The Regrettables, and Eyes of Giants to play an energetic show that kept the crowd jamming all night. Canadian Beats has all the photos from the exciting evening!

Eyes of Giants opened the evening and got things moving with a set full of upbeat tunes, including their latest single “Visions.” During their set, a surprise guest ran onto stage to perform an unexpected saxophone solo and instantly captured the crowd’s attention.





The Regrettables hit the stage next as more fans made their way to the stage to watch the show, and it was clear that they did not disappoint. Channeling the classic grit of hard rock, the band played a soulful set armed with powerful vocals, anthemic melodies, and rowdy bursts of energy.



Amberwood played next and turned things around with their energetic alternative rock music. The band played a number of feel good tunes abundant with catchy hooks that urged the crowd to groove and dance to the music. What’s great about watching Amberwood is that they have so much fun on stage and that translates effortlessly into the crowd. By the end of their set, they had brought the excitement up to the highest levels of the night.





The energy didn’t die down for one second as The Modern Hearts began their set. The band emerged on stage to the fans’ enthusiastic cheers and played a set brimming with poppy alt-rock tunes. Finding a good blend between upbeat dance numbers and intricate ballads, The Modern Hearts played a range of songs that showed off their musicality. Be sure to check out their single “World’s On Fire.”





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