Review – Jordan Welbourne

EP – Reach Out
Release Date – April 29, 2016
Genre – Blues Rock

Jordan Welbourne is a blues-rocker from Saskatchewan who is stirring up the music scene with the release of his debut EP, Reach Out on April 29, 2016.  Welbourne, however, is no rookie when it comes to making music.  He studied classical voice and music education at the University of Saskatchewan and was a sessions performer and studio musician prior to his embarking on a solo music career.

Upon hearing the musical styling of Welbourne, the first word that comes to mind is sultry.  His experience with classical voice training shines through and his smooth, clean vocals pair so nicely with the gritty, riff-driven guitar melodies present on Reach Out.  From start to finish, an unmistakably classic rock element bubbles beneath the surface, especially during the opening bars of the songs when his rich sounding guitar chimes through.  

Welbourne eases up a bit on the heavy sounding riffs characteristic in most of the tracks and displays his softer side in “Terrain”.  It is here where his smooth vocals are best represented as they are at the forefront of this softer melody.  I appreciated the juxtaposition of “Terrain” to the contrasting thick, bluesy instrumental track, “Stank Blues”, the follows.  Listeners are brought back to the high energy feel of the first few tracks with this song before the album closes with the radio single, “Rattlesnake Jack”.  It nicely ties the album together with powerful lyrics and pure rock ‘n’ roll goodness that is nothing short of magic.

Fans in Western Canada are lucky enough to catch Welbourne live on stage as he will tour Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia throughout May, June and July, with a few festival performances throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Be sure to connect with him on social media to keep informed with what he is up to.

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