Review – Cedar and Pine

Album: Victoria in July
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Genre: Indie/Alternative Rock

London, ON’s Cedar and Pine released their debut EP entitled Victoria in July on April 19, 2016 via Bandcamp.  It features four tracks performed by members Derek Stocking (Guitar/Drums) and Tyse Burrows (Keys/Drums).

When I first listened to the EP, I did not get into it immediately.  It was not similar to the music I have been listening to as of late.  After taking a break from listening to the album, I played it with no distractions to really focus on it.  From this, I played it again, and again…and again.  Each subsequent listen, it grew on me more.

The lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals of each track were enjoyable to listen to separately yet complemented each other well.  The main criticism that I could give is that there were only four songs on Victoria in July.  I would have loved to hear more from Cedar and Pine.  As it is their debut release, I am sure this won’t be the last I hear from the group!

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