Canadian Beats CMW Coverage Highlights

For decades now Canadian Music Week has been the unofficial kick off to Canada’s festival season. Taking place in Toronto the first week of May it features a host of artist showcases, industry conferences and an assortment of awards shows, it connects both industry insiders and fans with artists and each other. 2016 is no different this year being bigger and better than ever and Canadian Beats is going to be on the scene covering the event. Three of our team, Lindsay Newman, Katt Keuleman and Linda Heldman will be dashing about the streets of Hogtown taking in as many shows as they can. Here are just a few of the artist showcases they are looking forward to.


Breaching Vista

I’ve seen them before and they are fantastic. It also cool to know someone from my hometown is making it into the Canadian music scene and performing at Canadian Music Week. Breaching Vista is playing at Sneaky Dee’s at 7:30pm on Monday, May 2nd.


I’m a big fan of the punk genre so, that helps but also, I have interviewed them before with Canadian Beats and I think it would be cool to see their work first hand and how they put on a show.  Terrorista is playing at Smiling Budda at 8pm on Wednesday, May 4th.

The Faceplants

I have friends from out west telling me the Faceplants are fantastic and when I saw they were playing for Canadian Music Week I thought it would be perfect timing to see them. I’m excited to see what they bring to the table.  The Faceplants are playing at The Cave at 10pm Wednesday, May 4th.


Boat Culture

I’m very excited that Boat Culture is on the lineup for CMW this year. The boys are good friends of mine who have been recording new material since the release of their debut EP last June. This will be one of the first times they showcase some of their new material. Boat Culture is playing at Comfort Zone at 1:00am on Wednesday, May 4th.

Willie Stratton

Willie Stratton was the front man for a band I frequently saw perform when I lived in Halifax: Willie Stratton and the Boarding Party. Although the group is no longer together I look forward to hearing Willie Stratton take his sound solo. Willie Stratton performs on Tuesday May 3rd at 10:00 pm at The Dakota Tavern.

Pet Sun

Pet Sun is one of my favourite bands from the CMW lineup, and as I recently received their newest album, I would love to be able to hear some of the new material live. Pet Sun is playing on Wednesday May 4th at the Smiling Buddha at 12:00am.


Jessica Mitchell

Jessica is one of mine for Saturday May 7th. She sings from the heart with lots of emotion. Jessica Mitchell is playing at The Dakota Tavern at 7pm on Saturday, May 7th.

Julia Haggarty

She is one for Tuesday or Wednesday? She just made it to second round in the CBC Searchlight competition. Julia Haggerty is playing at Cadillac Lounge at 11:05pm on Wednesday, May 4th as well as at UG3 at 9:50pm on Saturday May 6th.

Dani Strong

I loved seeing her at the CMAO London showcase and would like to see her in a different setting. She is gritty and rockin’! Dani Strong is playing at The Pheonix at 7:55pm on Tuesday, May 3rd.

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