Show Review – Laura Sauvage & Aidan Knight

Artists: Laura Sauvage, Aidan Knight
When: April 14, 2016
Venue: The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
Genre: Folk, Indie rock

Laura Sauvage and Aidan Knight took over The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto for an evening of good music and good times. The venue was buzzing with excitement the entire night as the two acts hit the stage.

Laura Sauvage opened the evening with some intimate tunes and clever on stage banter. Sauvage’s combination of a smooth and airy vocal tone and edgy elements in her songwriting makes for the perfect mix to ensure a memorable show. Accompanying herself on guitar, Sauvage knows how to command an audience and capture attention. The whole set proved to be full of well-written, yet quirky tunes. From songs about cats eating their owners to lame first dates, it’s clear that there’s no end to Sauvage’s musical creativity. “Rubberskin” and “No Direction Home” are definitely two songs to check out as the contrast between the attitude of “Rubberskin” and the emotional “No Direction Home” perfectly represent the different sides of Sauvage’s songwriting style.




Aidan Knight hit the stage and the crowd immediately gathered around. What was so memorable about this show was Knight’s interaction with his fans, who seemed to be some of the most excited and supportive concert goers ever. Knight’s set was full of infinite amounts of energy from every one on stage. It was clear that they were all having the times of their lives and these good vibes extended out into the crowd, who couldn’t contain their enthusiasm.

Throughout the show, Knight played a series of catchy, high-spirited folk rock numbers that had the crowd singing and swaying along to the music. On top of the light-hearted nature of the music, Knight’s warm and inviting vocal tone tied it all together to really pull at your heartstrings. The most memorable moment of the evening was the closing tune “Jasper.” A classic, feel-good folk tune, everything fell into place when the crowd chimed in to sing and chant along together.




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