Review – Bodhi Jar

EP: Bodhi Jar
Release Date: September 18, 2015
Genre: Funk Rock

London, ON based psychedelic funk rock band, Bodhi Jar released their debut EP in September of 2015. The EP features five killer tracks, possessing raw, intense energy.

From the beginning of “Eaves Deli” I knew this band consisted of musicians who are in it for the long run. These are the types of songs that would be perfect in a live scene. I can picture Bodhi Jar putting all their energy into their performance, and although I have never saw the band live, I can only assume that the stage presence would be out of this world.

“Prototype” quickly became my favourite on the release with a more funk driven sound than the other tracks. I was pulled in immediately from the first line of the song.  The beat and the vocals had no trouble catching my attention.

The other track that struck a chord with me quite quickly was the final track, “Golgotha” which mixes many genres to create a unique sound that I found pleasing. Although I don’t possess the ability to keep up with the lyrics, I sure tried!

Be sure to check out Bodhi Jar if you’re looking for a non-generic up & coming Canadian band. These guys have pure talent pouring from them. Give them a listen!

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