Review – Komodo Wagon

EP: Oral Obligation
Release Date: April 1, 2016
Genre: Hard Rock

Komodo Wagon is a four-piece rock band from British Columbia and Alberta. Oral Obligation is the second EP from the band, following their 2014 release Citizen Doe. The short but sweet five song EP shows off the band’s love for epic guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. Keep your eye on our website for an upcoming interview we did with the band where they give us details on their writing process and much more.

This guitar laden EP is packed full of solos, catchy lyrics, and just a general sense of rock. It is impossible to sit still listening to these songs. “Cruel World” starts with powerful guitar and will have you moving along in no time. “Prince Charles” focusses more on the vocals than solos, showing off Troy Perlic’s voice which pairs with the backing music perfectly. “Dancers” is the last song on the EP. Following the pattern of the previous songs, the listener is treated to the head banging worthy guitar and drums, closing out the EP with just as much of a bang as it began with.

Overall I was impressed with this EP. I remember listening to Citizen Doe when it came out and personally, Oral Obligation blows it out of the water. If you haven’t listened to this band before, you’re going to want to start and keep your eye on them because they’re definitely going somewhere.

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