Show Review – Bombargo

Artist- Bombargo
When- March 25, 2016
Where- Palomino, Calgary AB
Saskatchewan based Bombargo are really making a name for themselves across the country with their incredible tunes, great personalities and intensely high energy shows! Canadian Beats was lucky enough to catch one of these legendary shows this past Friday in Calgary.
The Palomino is one of Calgary’s best known live music venues, as you walk in you can tell it has been well utilized, and you can’t help but notice the hundreds of band stickers all over the ceiling vents. It’s your typical underground music venue. On March 25th we were there to catch Bombargo. Having not heard much about the band other than their name, and talks of their incredible live show I wasn’t sure what to expect. Four guys walked on the stage, they looked like pretty low key, quiet guys. But once they started it was very obvious they were made to be performers.
Nathan Thoen (vocals/guitar) absolutely blew me away with his stage presence. Singing tracks  like “Make It Mine”, “Precious Time” and keeping it “funky” with songs like “Let it Grow”. Nathan used every inch of that small stage dancing, jumping and just pure rocking out with passion you could very much see. The crowd was full of dedicated Bombargo fans and some obviously new listeners, but it didn’t take long for everyone to jump on the fast and funky Bombargo train and completely enjoy the talent they were witnessing. Guitarist, Spencer Chilliak even had a sling around his arm, and not even that could hinder the intensity of the show. At the end of the show Nathan even made a point in coming into the crowd, music still going, and personally thanking everyone he could reach for dancing and enjoying what they had to offer, something I have never seen anyone else do before.
Bombargo is definitely an act you want to experience live. I say experience because that’s exactly what it is, you don’t just see Bombargo, you experience them. The Palomino was the last stop on this tour, but they plan on heading back out real soon so keep an eye out for more dates.
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