Show Review – Willa

Artist: Willa
When: March 23rd, 2016
Venue: The Rivoli, Toronto
Genre: Electro pop

Willa rocked the Rivoli last week in Toronto with her powerful vocals, warm stage presence, and undeniably catchy electro pop. The venue was buzzing with excitement as she stepped on stage to begin her set. Her set struck the perfect balance between the attitude and groove of blues rock and the electric, upbeat nature of modern synth pop. Her set kept the crowd dancing and having a good time throughout the whole night. Willa’s impressive vocal capabilities combined with her mature, yet lighthearted pop tunes are what make her live shows an absolute must-see. Although the whole set was full of awesome music, “Criminal” and “Swan” stood out as some of the most memorable. A high-energy number, “Criminal” is an upbeat pop tune driven by bright vocals and an infectious hook that gets the crowd singing along in no time. Contrastingly, “Swan” is a powerful, bluesy number showcasing Willa’s flawless vocal capabilities and captivating attitude on stage.






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