Review – Nick Zubeck

Album: Skydiving
Release date: March 11, 2016
Genre: Rock

Guelph’s own Nick Zubeck is no stranger to the music business, having previously released five full length albums and worked with a long list of very talented artists over the last fifteen years. Nick has just released his his first solo album in seven years entitled Skydiving. Nick’s songwriting touches on all aspects of life, never shying away from the tough stuff. Having lost both parents to cancer and a brother to alcoholism, Nick has used songwriting as a release, and the outcome is powerful.

Skydiving opens with an instrumental  “City of Satellites” setting the pace for the slightly emotional, yet relaxing tracks ahead. As you move your way through the album with songs like “Bound By Time”, “Secrets” and “Hunting in Heaven” you are met with relaxing, light sounds and powerful piano. It brings a sort of serenity over you. The title track “skydiving” is sure to be a favourite with its familiar piano, beautifully enhancing this already beautiful love ballad.

Skydiving in its entirety is the perfect blend of raw emotion and a prim and polished sound. It’s the perfect rainy day album. It definitely showcases Nick Zubeck’s very obvious talent for songwriting and giving us nothing but honesty in all its beauty, no matter how tough. I highly suggest adding Skydiving to your playlist.

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