Interview – Brian Farrell & Ashwin Sood of Reboot Lab

We had the chance to ask Brian Farrell and Ashwin Sood of Reboot Lab, a workshop that is designed with the ambitious musician in mind. The second year of Reboot Lab will take place in Calgary on April 2 at The Engineered Art Theatre, and it’s created for those who are looking to brush up on their musical skills, while learning to navigate through the music business.

First off, care to introduce yourself to the readers?

Brian – Hi, I’m Brian Farrell, Vocal Coach/Music Mentor and Artistic Director with Revv52 in Calgary.  I enjoy working with singers to help prep their recording sessions, tours, auditions, open mics, shows, organize their set list, performances and improve their technique.  My work is tailored for each individual singer – to help them find their signature sound.

Ashwin – Hello, I’m Ashwin Sood. Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Publisher, Music Mentor. Music is all I know. It is the air I live and love to breathe. I have been VERY blessed to have a fantastic career that keeps providing me with amazing and interesting opportunities. I want to pass on ALL the knowledge I know to the next generation of fantastic artists. Reboot Lab offers musicians an amazing open forum for knowledge about the music business from the inside out.

You are the forces behind Reboot Lab, in which the second year will take place on April 2 in Calgary, what can you tell us about Reboot Lab?

Brian & Ashwin – We enjoy the collaboration and we’ve helped singers as they seek to navigate through the new business of music.  The Reboot Lab started up in Calgary last year at OCL Studios. We know that there are musicians interested in learning more about how they can make their music work and how they can get it out there – the performance, the technique, answers to their questions, and learning to listen inside the music….. In some ways, it brought together a professional musician/producer WITH an experienced educator/mentor AND interested musicians who would “inspire other musicians in the room”.  The Reboot Lab can excite greater possibilities for the participants.

How did you two team up to create this workshop?

Brian – We enjoy working together and we complement one another’s strengths as musicians.  At one time, Ashwin was a student I taught when I began teaching music in schools.  He was exceptional – even back in Junior High as a grade eight music student.  His dad asked that I mentor and work with Ashwin with his keen interest in music/drums/singing.  And we did – even to the point that when I married my wife who was also a music educator, we continued to work. She was Ashwin’s high school music teacher!  My wife and I followed his career closely – like family.  Ashwin asked me to help with some studio work he was producing in Vancouver with singers and we loved the work – it was so much fun to work together again with music.  At that point, I was vocal coaching artists – after teaching music in public and private schools.

How did you come up with the idea for Reboot Lab?

Brian – The idea came from our collaborations over the years – Ashwin’s strength as a musician/drummer, a very intuitive player – he’s played for some of the best singers on the planet, his incredible focus on making the best happen and my experience in music education/vocal coaching all styles of music with singers who have charted and reached excellent levels of success.  The music you listen to when you are young is very influential – the positive learning experience I had with an excellent music mentor when I was young was the kind of inspiration I sought to share with Ashwin when I was asked by his dad to mentor him.

What topics are covered in this workshop?

Brian & Ashwin – Performance, Recording Studio 101, How to Practice, Public Relations and Your Music, Listening Inside the Music, Open Mic Performances by selected participants, Feedback on Performance, Q & A, Songwriting and Collaborating.

How important is this workshop for artists?

Brian & Ashwin – Very important.  It’s like working with a personal trainer – trustworthy, knowledgeable, with the track record to answer your questions and set you in the right direction.  It’s important to learn from those who continue to learn.  To improve means to step out and overcome fear.  And it’s important that you do that in a creative, proactive and positive learning environment – that’s what the Reboot Lab is.

Will people in other areas of Canada get the opportunity to attend Reboot Lab in the future?

Brian & Ashwin – Our vision is to provide our teachings and Reboot Lab in other Canadian cities – across the country.  It’s important work –  in  Canada.  The Canadian musician has a story to tell.

Find out more about Reboot Lab HERE!


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