Review – High Heels Lo Fi

EP – All Sass No Class Kick Ass
Release Date – February 23, 2016
Genre – Rock

High Heels Lo Fi’s new EP,  All Sass No Class Kick Ass is an ironic blend of serious rock ‘n’ roll styled attitude mixed with comedic lyrics and a variety show delivery that encourages you to knock back a drink or two and dance around.  The five-song album successfully delivers to the trend in today’s music scene of short attention spans and immediate gratification.  Don’t expect to experience any emotional breakthroughs listening to this album.  It is not crafted with depth and reflection.  No sentimental lyrics will linger in your cerebral matter.  Instead be prepared to be swept away to a beer-guzzling, dancefloor-praising trance as you emulate the lovechild of Weird Al Yankovic-meets-Joan Jett-at-Vaudeville.

“Get Me Some” is the perfect way to introduce you to their style of music, with its seductive vocals and pounding drums.  This loud and rowdy rock song has some seriously bloodthirsty bass work that creates a powerful and undeniable low end.

“Unfuckable” and “How Small is It?” both display why the band has received comparison rock goddess Joan Jett.  These songs feature the bone crunching rhythm guitar and powerful vox that she was famed for.

I found myself asking, “is there ever enough cowbell?” as I was introduced to the catchy song, “Eff the Day Job”.  This high-tempo standout possesses interesting guitar tones and lyrics that you are encouraged to sing along with:  “Fuck the day job, lets get fucked tonight”.  Enough said.

Sensitive, angst-driven music lovers need not be offended by this album’s lack of profound lyrics and earnest feelings.  Give this album a spin when you need an escape from the mundane and unremarkable day-to-day routine.

If you are in the Toronto area, there is a good chance you will be able to catch them performing at a local venue near you.  High Heels Lo Fi recently celebrated the release of this EP at Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret & Lounge and they were also featured as the resident band, every Tuesday night in the month of February, there.  Come and join this naughty and highly interactive party.  There is a good chance you may end up on stage with them before the night is done!

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