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Andrew Frelick hails from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. This country music singer-songwriter is making his mark from his home province all the way to Nashville, Tennessee. He has a dynamic personality and is a very determined artist: a winning combination to make it in this industry. His rich, unique sounding vocals along with his natural ability to play a guitar, his easy going nature and his passion for performing on a live stage makes Frelick a fan favourite.

Frelick grew up in a large musical family and country music was his first love. He began performing on stage in his early teens landing gigs at some of the top local stages and has never looked back. His passion and determination for his art spill over on to the stage much to the delight of his fans. Over the years, he co-founded and performed in popular local bands such as Maddison, Paradox and Tailgate while continuing to focus on his solo career. Andrew has shared the stage with artists Jordyn Beatty, Kevin Davison, Campbell + Green, Aaron Pritchett, TJ King, Riki Knox, Chelsea Crites, Deena Bistodeau, Ivan Daigle, Wildflower Duo, Shae Dupuy, Chris Ising and Carroll Baker.

His passion for writing started around the age of eight; right around the time he began to learn guitar. He would write lyrics to songs while simultaneously learning to play the guitar. Andrew has penned many songs as a songwriter including four songs on his debut EP Time Stands Still. For his EP and his new, yet to be released singles Frelick has co-written with outstanding songwriters Codie Prevost, Doug Folkins, Deborah Frelick and Faith Numada. His skills are developing and he will soar with all the inspiration he has surrounding him.

Andrew Frelick released his debut EP Time Stands Still in August 2015. Within 48 hours of its release, this EP became a “New and Noteworthy” album for the country genre on iTunes. It features six full-length tracks including “Spread Some Good Time Around.” This tune finished as a regional semi finalist on CBC’s Searchlight 2015 contest. This EP also features two previously released singles – “Unlove You” and “Time Stands Still.” The first was released to country music radio in August 2015 with the title track following in January 2016. Both tracks are receiving positive feedback in both Canada and the United States with Frelick’s popularity steadily growing.

Andrew’s passion for his love of country music is only exceeded by his love for his wife Erin and his three children. In fact, the final track on his EP “Little Man,” co-written by Frelick and Doug Folkins, is a dedication to his son. As a father, he believes one of his greatest accomplishments will be to teach his children how to chase their own dreams and to share in the natural love that he has for music.

Canadian Beats had the pleasure of chatting with Andrew Frelick about his music, his EP and his future plans.

If someone hasn’t listened to your music before, how would you describe it?

I would describe my music as music that spans barriers of genre and is wide in variety so my goal is to have something appealing to all listeners on all my releases. Influences like The Eagles have shown me that it’s okay to have elements of pop, country, bluegrass or rock in your own music while still maintaining a sound that’s uniquely yours.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what made you decide to pursue music as a career?

I’ve been performing as a musician for as long as I can remember, however it has always been in the background until recently. The past two years or so have been a whirlwind of opportunity for me, and I think it was just what I needed to bring things from the background into the forefront of my life.

What are some of your biggest musical influences and inspirations?

Growing up within a musical family was probably the single biggest influence. Beyond that, performers like John Lennon, Garth Brooks, The Eagles, Randy Travis and Keith Whitley were all huge inspirationally as well.

What role do you think social media plays in an artist’s success these days?

Social media is HUGE. It gives artists of every level a medium to communicate with fans, to build a larger audience and ultimately share their story and work. It has definitely bridged a gap that an artist would have previously required greater assistance to now achieve the same success.

Recently, you released a new single, “Time Stands Still.” We’ve heard you had a lot of success with it. Tell us about that.

“Time Stands Still” was a co-write with Doug Folkins. We focused on creating a country song with a folk feel that was simply just a fun song. It’s about meeting that perfect someone and how everything is just so easy once you do.

Tell us a bit about the making of your two videos “Without You I Got Nothing” and “Time Stands Still.”

My first video “Without You I’ve Got Nothing” produced by Ora Walker was filmed in Nova Scotia on the majestic rocks at Peggy’s Cove. Ora came out here from Winnipeg. We spent a few days doing it and we had so much fun. This video is about reflection, about how love can make one’s life better and I think we did a good job of portraying that. I loved being at Peggy’s Cove. Being there somehow made making the video more magical for me.

For the second video, “Time Stands Still,” we used an idea by Ora and her husband Dean. The idea was to make a fun upbeat video that was simple and entertaining. The fabulous Aileen Audette was the only character in the video and she did a great job dancing to her heart’s content and having a blast. The only glimpse of me on the video is my album cover on a cell phone at the start of the video. The video was shot and produced in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


2015 held many milestones for you. In June, you were showcased at events during Country Music Association (CMA) Music Fest in Nashville. In August, you released your debut EP. In September, you performed during Canadian Country Music Week in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then you attended The Josie Music Awards show in Nashville where you garnered nominations in three different categories by the award-winning The Josie Show on Country Blast Radio. Tell us about those experiences.

My single “Spread Some Good Time Around” was receiving playtime on a major U.S. online radio station (BestCountryRadio.Com with the Iceman’s Top 40 New Artist Countdown) and had climbed to #18 on their Top 40 New Artist Countdown. As a result of the song’s success, I was invited to perform in Nashville (in June) during the CMA Music Fest 2015 on stages sponsored by Robert Golomboski (The Iceman), KORE PR, NStyle Country and 101.5FM THE ONE. This was my first time in Nashville, Tennessee, and it was an unbelievable experience. A couple weeks later I was back in Nashville recording my EP. The cool thing about producing my EP there was that photos used for my album cover were taken from behind the world-famous Bluebird Café. Really, how cool is that!

In early September, I was given the opportunity to perform close to home at the prestigious Diamonds in the Rough and Artist on Deck showcases during Canadian Country Music Week. I played over a dozen times both as a solo artist and as a guitarist for Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) artists. It was a thrilling time for me. To be a part of something that was high on my bucket list, well, it was a dream comes true for me. I equally enjoy collaborating with other artists as I do performing as a solo artist, so to be able to do both in my own hometown in the days leading up to the CCMA Awards show was just awesome.

In late September, my single, “Spread Some Good Time Around” did so well on the major U.S. online radio station Country Blast Radio (Top 25 Countdown), I was nominated for “Male Modern Country Artist of the Year,” “Male Modern Country Song of the Year” and  “Male Vocalist of the Year” for The Josie Music Awards. I was given the opportunity to perform this song during their very first awards show in Opryland, Nashville and it was just a great experience! One that will be a memory I have for a lifetime. To be performing with great artists and to even be nominated along so many other talented artists was very humbling and surreal.

What was your initial reaction to being nominated in these categories for The Josie Music Awards?

My initial reaction was almost to do a double take, to see if I was reading anything incorrectly or misunderstanding something. From there, just feelings of true gratitude and excitement that I would get an opportunity to perform with such amazing artists in Nashville. This would be my third trip there in 90 days. Before that I had never been to Nashville so there was just a whole lot of excitement on so many levels. Also, to be considered amongst all the other talent was significant and I was ecstatic.


What does 2016 look like for Andrew Frelick?

2016 will see new music from me, but for now as I write and co-write preparing for that time, I will continue to move forward with the promotion of my Time Stands Still EP. You know that I’ve released two music videos with the amazing work from Ora Walker, and because both have been fantastic experiences we are hoping that there will still be another from the EP. Besides that, performing, gaining exposure and growing my fan base are my main goals.

Here at Canadian Beats, we like to include a portion of questions that may help your fans learn something new about you, so here we go:

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, who is your current favourite Canadian artist?

One artist that comes to mind is Faith Numada. She is such an incredible talent just waiting in the wings for her opportunity. She is a gifted songwriter and has a beautiful voice. I’ve been blessed to co-write a couple songs with her so far.

Who is your biggest Canadian inspiration?

It is my mother. At an early age, I was able to see what singing, performing and songwriting was all about just from watching her day-to-day life as an aspiring singer-songwriter. Of course, also having a Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and Juno award-winning aunt (Carrol Baker) added to creating a belief inside me that dreams could come true.

What is your favourite song lyric and why?

“Now it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table, but you only want the ones you can’t get.” (“Desperado” by The Eagles) I have this tattooed on my left forearm as a reminder to always be grateful, never be greedy and above all never take for granted what you do have. Often it’s easy and human nature to focus on what you don’t have, but in doing so you are usually missing out on a whole lot of greatness in what you do have.

What was the first album you ever purchased?

To be honest, I don’t quite remember but my guess would be something by AC/DC. At a very early age, I had amassed their entire catalogue of albums. AC/DC was at the heart of my guitar learning.

What was the last concert you attended as a fan?

It was either Brett Kissel or Dallas Smith when they were here performing at Casino Nova Scotia Schooner Showroom Halifax. I really enjoy shows there because the sound in that room is phenomenal and just a great atmosphere to take in music!

If you had the chance to interview someone you looked up to, who would it be and what would be your most important questions to have answered?

It definitely would be Garth Brooks given that I am such a HUGE fan. My questions: After being away from performing for so long, what was it like performing again for the first time? What is your favourite song to perform?

What is your favourite past time?

My utmost favourite past time is definitely just family time in whatever form I get it. We have a very busy household, and adding in music gigs, etc. makes each moment at home with my family even more valuable.

What is one thing that your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I can’t really swim. At least not in water that is over my head. Even the thought of being in water that deep I find quite stressful. Thankfully, our children seem to take after my wife with that one.

Last but not least, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Thanks so much for taking the time you have in discovering and supporting my music. As a listener, you have countless musical options, so I am truly honoured to be part of what you choose to listen to!

We, at, thank you so much for this awesome interview and we wish you continuous and lasting success.

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