Review – Mareeya

EP: Montreal Night Shifts
Release Date: February 28, 2016
Genre: Soul/ Jazz/ R&B

German musician, Mareeya teamed up with Montreal based musicians to record a six song EP entitled Montreal Night Shifts. The EP was recorded at Oscar Peterson Concert Hall and released February 28, 2016.

This German-Canadian coproduction evokes pure talent, that’s for certain. The music on this album is addicting, and although I don’t understand the lyrics on all of the tracks, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the talent behind these songs. I personally loved the beats on the second track, “17033” which features Theodor Storm.

The final two tracks on the album appealed most to me, probably because they are fun to sing along with, “Go On” and “Not Welcome” quickly embedded into my head, and I didn’t mind one bit. If you’re looking for a collection of tracks that showcases immense musical talent, as well as killer vocals then I recommend you give Montreal Night Shifts a listen.

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