Review – The Dead South

Album: Good Company
Release Date: February 26, 2016
Genre: Alt/ Country

The Dead South is an alternative country band from Regina, Saskatchewan. They have just released their full length album entitled Good Company via Curve Music/Entertainment One. They have been busy relentlessly touring North America and Europe over the past year, and don’t plan to slow down, heading back out this year. If you like classic outlaw country, this band is for you.

Good Company opens up with a track called “Long Gone” and you immediately have a barnyard country kinda vibe, but in a fantastic way. The Dead South has been described as “Mumford & Sons’ evil twins” and it’s pretty apparent why. They have no trouble keeping up with them musically, and have the same type of style, but with a more country feel. The other tracks that really stuck out for me were “Manly Way” mixing talent and humour, and “Honey”. The Dead South has simply unique vocals and “Honey” really showcases that, and the use of the cello is pretty great!

If you are looking for something different, something raw that you can tap your toes along to, this album is for you. It was once said that The Dead South “can make you forget your troubles and even what century you’re in”, so what are you waiting for, grab your banjo and take a trip! You won’t be sorry.

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