Review- Mike Milan Dedic

EP: Mike Milan Dedic
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Instrumental

Toronto, ON based artist, Mike Milan Dedic released a self-titled EP last year featuring five instrumental tracks. It is certainly apparent that he possesses talent when you listen to this release. I am not usually one to listen to instrumental tracks, as I tend to get pulled in to songs from the storytelling, but although there are no lyrics, these songs still have the ability to pull you in.

“Run!” is my favourite on this offering, it has a very intriguing beat, and I can easily picture this song being played during a chase scene during a movie. When you really take the time to listen to instrumental songs, sometimes the story begins to write itself in your head, which is a fun experience in itself.

The final track is entitled, “Shall We Dance?” and it has a lighter vibe than the others. I enjoyed listening to this song, as it immediately entranced me and swept me away.

If you’re looking for something a bit different than what you usually listen to, give this EP a try. He certainly pulled me in, and I look forward to hearing more from Mike Milan Dedic in the future.

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