Review – Rococode

Album: Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon
Release Date: February 26, 2016
Genre: Rock

Vancouver based indie duo Rococode is about to release their second full length album Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon. The album was recorded out in the sticks in a cabin, somewhere deep in the beautiful forestry of British Columbia. Seems a little unconventional right? Well so is the album, but that’s exactly what art is. Rococode shacked up with producers Caleb Shreve and Ted Gowans to create this latest work of art. And let me tell you, it all came together very nicely.

Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon is a ten track offering of pure creativity. It features songs like “Panic Attack” which is actually off of their previous EP release. This song has quickly become my favourite. It’s catchy and yet very different. It also comes with a very unique and slightly racy music video, involving some heavy lip locking and spaghetti. Intrigued? Check it out, it’s worth the watch. Other songs that immediately caught my attention were “Until You’re Mine” and title track “Don’t Worry”.

All in all, this album is a very different addition to the Canadian indie music scene but in a pretty great way. I love that artists are still putting out unique sounds in a cookie cutter industry, and that when people truly pay attention to Canadian music they will find musicians like Rococode and experience actual creativity. Actual artistry.

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