Review – Jen Lane

Album: This Life Of Mine
Release Date: February 26, 2016
Genre: Indie Folk

Not a lot comes to mind when you think about the small prairie province town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. What should really come to mind is that it happens to be the hometown of the super sweet and super talented Jen Lane. To describe the vocal styling’s of Lane, the best way I can help you to hear her without even spinning a single one of her tunes is to take a Lucinda Williams album, add some Deana Carter, and mix it up with the classic songwriting skills of Gretchen Peters and BAM, you’re listening to one talented Canadian music artist.

Releasing independently on Poor Kitty records Lane drops us a musical present in the form of her newest album, This Life of Mine on February 26, 2016. This album is one strong and solid disc, cut by cut. Each song seems to flow straight into the next. Each song is well produced, well performed, and well written. One of the hardest things is to get into an album from the first note, all the way to the last not right from the very first listen. With This Life of Mine I had absolutely no trouble cranking these tunes loudly and listening to the album on repeat. It quickly shot to one of my favorite new albums list.

The opening track “Waitin’ On You” blows in like a sweet summer breeze. Lane’s vocals reminds me of some of music’s best. Soft and sweet like Alison Krauss with that beloved folk/bluegrass style that is so often forgotten in the likes of country music and especially on country radio today. I absolutely loved the tenderness in the lyrics. “When you break apart and lose your cool / I’ll be staying for you baby.” This was hands down my favorite track on This Life of Mine.

Following a strong opening track is hard to do. “Movin’ On” happens to be Lane’s newest radio single. Mid-tempo with that consistent vocal performance that I adored the whole album through. You can check out the video for “Movin’ On” or give it a shout out at your local radio stations now. “Movin’ On” is a classic love song about keeping on and keeping strong.

I totally love how Lane managed to record a song about snow in the prairies, and still happen to turn it into a beautiful, swinging ballad. “1st Day of Spring (In Saskatchewan)” is a tongue in cheek little diddy about the first day of spring and how low and behold, there is snow. Lots of snow and everyone is snowed in. It kept me smiling. It was very Canadian and shows the lighter side of Lane.

“Never Try To Love You,” “Thirteen,” “Shoe,” “My Man,” “Hollow Heart,” “Happy,” “Fools,” and “This Life of Mine” all round out and complete the rest of This Life of Mine. The album has such an organic and consistent musical flow. Lane does not sound over produced, or manufactured. “This Life of Mine” is also one of Lane’s singles currently in the top 5 adds to radio stations all across Canada.

I truly have to give the album a thumbs up for a fresh and breezy sound. Lane takes her music seriously and it comes across naturally. You don’t feel like you are listening to someone who isn’t comfortable in their own skin. Being an artist takes some skills and musically, Lane has some well sharpened claws. 2016 sounds like it will be a great year coming up for Lane. I am excited to see what the future will bring for the musical prairie gem. This Life of Mine is being released on February, 2016. Following the release of This Life of Mine I expect we will be seeing Lane around towns all over Canada promoting her music.

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