Review – Electric Religious

Album: Yeah, Yeah, No
Release Date: December 31, 2015
Genre: Rock

Edmonton, AB based rock band, Electric Religious is made up of Brandon Baker (vocals/guitar), Olivia Street (vocals/guitar), Paul Bergeron (bass) and Jay Der (drums). Electric Religious have been writing, performing and recording consistently since its formation in 2010.

“Yeah, Yeah, No” is the group’s first full-length album, released in December 2015. With nine songs about “life and the living of it”, the album provides the perfect amount of pull to draw in the listener, while leaving them wanting for more. To me the sound is reminiscent of fellow Canadian rockers – Hot Hot Heat – especially with Baker’s silvery vocals.

“Yeah, Yeah, No” is available on Electric Religious’ Bandcamp page. By purchasing you receive not only a high quality download in MP3, but also a real life hard copy compact disc. My nostalgia is through the roof! What a breath of fresh air. I love a band continuing to stick to the simpler times in this technological world.

Still relatively new on the Canadian music scene, I suspect we will be hearing a lot more from the Edmonton rockers as Electric Religious grows its congregation.

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