Valentines Day Playlist

The season of love is upon us and the writers at Canadian Beats have teamed up to bring you the best Valentine’s Day playlist ever. Whether you have a romantic night planned, are staying in for some Netflix and chill or just can’t wait for all that chocolate to go on sale, let this playlist be your soundtrack this Valentine’s Day.

Jenna Melanson
“Love Would Be Enough” by Dean Brody
This song radiates how important love is, and all of us who are in love or have been in love have more than likely had the feeling that love is enough to get you through!

“If I Know Nothing Else” by Ryan Cook.
This song brings chills through my body, the emotion evoked in the song is enough to bring you to the edge of tears, if not, the lyrics will!

Cassandra Popescu
“Your Ex-Lover is Dead” by Stars
I love the story that this song tells. For me, it’s about the bittersweet feeling of finally getting over someone. The pain fades and you move on, but you’ll remember the good memories you shared.

“Lover Dearest” by Marianas Trench
All the tears! This song is beautiful.

Amanda Hather
“So Much For Taking It Slow” by Bobby Wills.
It’s about loving someone so much that even though it would probably be best to take things slow, you can’t help yourself.

“Miss Saying Goodbye” by Tim Chaisson.
I think it’s about taking someone you love for granted, and you won’t realize that you were until they finally just walk away.

Nicole Wolfe
“I Love You” by Jeff Martin
The lyrics are so beautiful and speak of the devotion of someone in love.

“Retribution Blues” by One Bad Son
It’s a break up song of epic proportions showing what one would do to revenge the one who broke their heart.

Linda Heldman
“I Do” by Paul Brandt
This is what love should be. He wrote it for a friend’s wedding. I kind of swoon whenever I hear it.

“Mine Would Be You” by Deric Ruttan
Originally recorded by Blake Shelton but, it is co-written by Deric Ruttan and he did record his version of it on his last album.The song moves me. I would love to have someone that in love with me.

B Hartling
“Heart in Two” by Reuben and the Dark
“Daystar” by Jeff Martin
These are the most epic Canadian love songs in history.

Katt Keuleman
“Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

“If You Could Read My Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot

Dutch Campbell
“Fell Right into You” by Jessie Farrell
Fell right into you is the classic tale of falling for someone special when you least expect it. The lyrics paint a complete visual picture of butterflies in your stomach and finding love when you least expect it. It has become one of my favorite love songs.

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