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Album: …And Then The Fog Lifted
Download Link:
Release Date: January 17th, 20016
Genre: Pop/ Folk

Bryson Cassidy is a singer/ songwriter from the talented city of Toronto, Ontario. Bryson Cassidy began with his love for music when he was just seven years old as a piano artist and moved into learning onto playing the drums. Bryson was part of a band named ‘Life In Sound’ before the members unfortunately parted ways. This however helped Bryson discover his passion and interest in making music as a solo artist.

Bryson Cassidy has just dropped his newest EP entitled …And Then The Fog Lifted on January 17, 2016. The EP features five full length tracks all created and produced by Bryson Cassidy himself. The EP was influenced by Bryson Cassidy’s life and his recent marriage to his wife. It is full of a balance between love and pride. The songs are very calming to listen to and were a very good change from what I normally listen to. I really enjoyed listening to the EP, the two songs that I really enjoyed ere ‘You’re All I Ever Wanted’ (track one) and ‘With You’ (Track three). Both of these songs were well written and left me with a sense of happiness. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Bryson Cassidy in the future.

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