Video Interview – Was It The Walrus

By: Nicole Wolfe

Was it the Walrus, a pop-alternative band originally from Montreal, is currently in studio recording their debut album, which is set to be released this spring.  With a sound reminiscent of Weezer, Sloan, The Ramones and Sonic Youth, this high energy band was once named one of Montreal’s most pretentious bands, alongside top Canadian acts like Arcade Fire.  After a long hiatus, Was it the Walrus has paired up with top producer, Jon Drew, who has worked with such bands as Tokyo Police Club, to create their album.  I caught with the boys of Was it the Walrus in studio to discuss their plans for 2016 and to get a preview of their single, Indie Girls.  Be sure to follow Was it the Walrus on social media to stay informed about news of their upcoming album and upcoming concert dates.

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