Show Review – Brooklyn Doran, Mirian Kay & Greg McEvoy

By: Cassandra Popescu

When: January 14, 2016
Where: Burdock, Toronto
Who: Mirian Kay, Brooklyn Doran, Greg McEvoy

What’s the perfect way to lift your spirits mid-January when the cold seems to be threatening your very existence? Venture out to a cozy, welcoming music venue/brewery and allow yourself to wind down with a glass of craft beer and the soulful sounds of Greg McEvoy, Brooklyn Doran, and Mirian Kay. The tiny venue at the Burdock, with its string of hanging lights, candles, and humble stage offers the perfect atmosphere for an intimate show with your favourite artists.

Mirian Kay opened the show with an acoustic set that could warm up even the coldest of hearts and tug at your heartstrings with simple, and catchy tunes about love and life. Soft vocals and dynamic melodies tie together to create the perfect easy listening, effectively enchanting the audience, and making it difficult to even look away from the stage. My favourite song from the evening was definitely Sad Eyes, which showcases Kay’s flawless tone through softly sustained notes, and humble melodic runs.




Brooklyn Doran hit the stage next with a full band backing her powerful vocals. Continuing the supposed theme of the night, Doran performed a number of heartwarming folk-inspired tunes, ranging from reflective pieces to catchy, irresistible dance numbers. During the middle of the set, guitarist Nick Posthumus joined Doran to perform a couple of acoustic love songs. The duo’s subtle on-stage chemistry and cutesy minimalistic tunes combined to create the most adorable few minutes of music ever, and if anyone in the crowd says they weren’t smiling like a fool during that performance they are most definitely lying. Overall, Doran’s set proved that there are little, if any, limits to her vocal capabilities as she almost effortlessly switches from a welcoming head voice to clear, booming vocals.




Greg McEvoy closed the show with an energetic set of classic rock/folk tunes. Bringing it back to the roots of rock, blues, and folk genres McEvoy’s set had the perfect mix of light-hearted melodies, a fuller texture featuring a band, background vocals, duets and a lively nature that urged the audience to simply have a good time. This is almost impossible not to do as McEvoy’s charismatic on-stage energy easily resonated throughout the venue and into the crowd. If you ever want something that instantly lifts your spirits, Greg McEvoy is the way to go.



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