Review – Broomfiller

By: Sarah Ballagh

Album- Third Stage Propellor Index
Release Date- August 28, 2015
iTunes Link-
Genre- Punk/Alternative

Broomfiller have been around since the early 2000’s, and have recently released a new ten track album called Third Stage Propellor Index.  They are a Toronto based band, but have toured extensively throughout the US.  Their sound is a mix of punk and alternative, with influences such as Goldfinger and Green Day, which you can clearly hear in their music.

I find their music to be catchy yet they do still manage to make it unique with interesting guitar sequences.  Not looking ahead of time what songs were singles I found myself enjoying the song “How Long, So long”, it is a bit of a slower pace compared to other tracks, but this song for me was very melodic.  They have recently released a new single off the album as well so don’t miss that one.

Another song I would suggest to check out would be “Figure it out Quickly”, quick, bouncy and rhythmic – for sure more on the punk side.

This band seems to be getting quite a bit of media attention in different areas of the world US, and even Australia so keep an eye out for them!

The band toured Western Canada in the Fall and will be doing Eastern Canada in the coming months. So if you are nearby be sure to check them out.

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